3 Day Split




Monday; Chest & Biceps


Wednesday; Back & Triceps


Friday; Legs & Shoulders

I would suggest that you set your programme out as follows;

4-5 Exercises per body part

3-4 Sets per exercise

Set 1 x 10 reps

Set 2 x 8 reps

Set 3 x 6 - 4 reps

Make sure that you keep the weight to one that you can handle without cheating. Keep a full strict movement.

Try not to rest too long between sets and remember that you are in the gym to make progress not to socialise.


Chest;                                                        Biceps;

Flat Bench Press                                       Preacher Curls

Incline Bench Press                                  Seated Dumbbell Curls

Decline Bench Press                                 21`s

Pullovers or Dips                                     Standing Barbell Curls

Peck Deck or Crossovers                         One Arm Cable Concentration Curls


Back;                                                        Triceps;

Wide Grip Behind Neck Pulldowns         Close Grip Pushdowns

Medium Grip Front Pulldowns                Wide Grip Pushdowns

Base Pully Rows                                      Reverse Grip Flat Bench Press

Dumbbell Rows or Deadlifts                   Close Grip Flat Bench Press

Wide Grip Behind Neck Chins                Single Cable Kickbacks


Legs;                                                         Shoulders;

Double Leg Extensions                             Side Lateral Raises

Leg Press                                                   Front Lateral Raises

Hack Squats                                               Bent Over Flies

Squats                                                        Behind Neck Seated Barbell Press  

Double Leg Curls                                      Shrugs or Upright Rows


4 x Sets of 25 reps of Crunches

5 Minutes of twists on the edge of a bench with a broom handle behind your neck. Place your feet flat on the floor,

and make sure you twist all theway round as far as you can.

Keep a strict upright position and your lower section of the body fixed to the bench.

Only movement is in the upper part of the body. Try and work up to 10 minutes a day.



Train your calves every day that you go to the gym. But with the calves you only choose 1 exercise for that day. You can choose from the following exercises;

  1. Seated Calve Raises
  2. Standing Calve Raises
  3. Leg Press Calve Raises
  4. Reverse Hack Squat Calve Raises

When choosing and exercise I suggest that you also change your direction of your feet;

  1. Monday; Point Feet Forward
  2. Wednesday; Point Feet In

Friday; Point Feet Out