4 Day Split




DAY 1; Chest & Biceps (Monday)

DAY 2; Back & Triceps (Tuesday)

DAY 3; Thighs & Hamstrings (Thursday)

DAY 4; Shoulders (Friday)

Please remember that you should not over train;

4 - 5 Exercises per body part3 – 4 Sets per exercise

10 -4 Reps Set 1 – 10 x Reps / Set 2- 8 x  Reps / Set 3 – 8 x Reps / Set 4- 6 to 4 x Reps

Please also remember that each exercise must have a full strict movement,

No cheating, and use a weight that you can actually train properly with

DAY 1;

Chest;                                                           Biceps;

Flat Bench Press                                           Preacher Curls

Incline Bench Press                                      Seated Dumbbell Curls

Decline Bench Press                                     Standing 21`s

Pullovers or Flies                                          Standing Barbell Curls

Peck Deck or Crosssovers                            Concentration Curls


DAY 2;

Back;                                                             Triceps;

Wide Grip Behind Neck Pulldowns              Close Grip Pushdowns

Medium Grip Front Pulldowns                      Wide Grip Pushdowns

Base Pully Rows                                            Reverse Grip Bench Press

T-Bar or Dumbbell Rows                              Close Grip Bench Press

Wide Grip Chins                                            One Arm Cable Kick backs


DAY 3;

Thighs;                                                           Hamstrings;

Double Leg Extensions                                 Leg Curls

Leg Press                                                       Straight Leg Deadlift

Hack Squat                                                    Single Leg Curls (standing or lying down)


Single Leg Extensions


DAY 4;


Side Lateral Raise                   Upright Rows

Front Lateral Raises                Shrugs

Bent Over Flies                       Wide Grip Behind Neck Chins

Behind Neck Press

Front Press



Take one exercise for calves each day you train. Choose one of;

Seated Calve Raises

Standing Calve Raises

Leg Press Calve Raises

Hack Squat Calve Raises

4 x Sets / 20 Reps

Each time you train your calves change the angle of your feet.

  1. Point Feet In
  2. Point Feet Out
  3. Point Feet Straight.


Do not do too much on your abdominals. Remember it’s a muscle it will grow if you over train it. I suggest that you;

4 x Sets of  20 – 25 crunches.

Twists on the edge of a bench for 5 minutes. Make sure you are sat on the edge, feet flat facing forward,

and twist a broom stick behind your neck as far round as you can with out moving your lower section