Weight Loss

Simple Diet


1 x Scoop of Whey Protein

1 x Orange

1 x Banana

Skimmed Milk or Water

1 x T-Spoon of Glutamine

Mix in Blender and drink.


1 x Bowl of Pro-Brek

Mid-Morning & Mid-Afternoon;

1 x Scoop of Whey

1 x T-Spoon of Glutamine

1 x piece of Fruit

Skimmed Milk

Mix in blender and Drink (if going to a meeting then premix and take in a flask)



Jacket Potato, Tuna mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar.


Jacket Potato with Chicken or Turkey Fillet with Salad or Vegetables. Use Apple Cider Vinegar with the Salad.


Boiled Rice or Pasta mixed with Tuna or diced Chicken Fillets then mix in Raisins or Pineapple Chunks and add some Sweetcorn. Add at-spoon of Light Mayonnaise. Prepare night before and take to work in a Tupperware box.


After Training;

2 or 3 x Scoops of Whey

2 x Scoops of Glutamine

2 x Pieces of fruit

Skimmed Milk or water

Mix in Blender. Make sure you have this within 50 Minutes of finishing your workout.



Chose from the following;

Chicken Fillet, Turkey Fillet, White Fish or Best Steak

With one of the following;

Baked Potato, Boiled Potato, Washed Rice, Washed Pasta or Egg Noodles

With one of the following;

Mixed Vegetables or Salad.



Chicken or Tuna  Salad with Pitta Bread


1 x Scoop of Whey, 1 x Scoop Glutamine and Skimmed Milk or water

If you wish to put something on your meats or fish use garlic or paprika. Use Apple Cider Vinegar on vegetables or salad and sprinkle pepper over it all.



Coffee, Tea, Diet coke or any other diet pop, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water and Dry White Wine with Soda Water or Diet Lemonade.