Female 2 Day Split

2 Day Split Routine
For those of you who have busy lifestyles

Each set should be taken too failure
rep range 12-15
Day 1


1. Dumbbell Flies, Peck Deck or CablesIncline Press or Bench

2x Supersets 1 of each (i.e.) Dumbbell Flies with Incline Press

2. Decline press or Pullovers



Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

Behind the Neck Press

2 x Supersets

2.   Bent Over Flies



Pushdowns (wide or close)

Close Grip Bench Press or Reverse Grip Bench Press

2 x supersets


Day 2



Wide Grip Pulldowns

Close Grip Pulldowns

2 x Supersets

2.   Barbell or Cable Rows 2 x sets

3. Shrugs

Upright Row

2 x Supersets



Barbell Curls 2 x Sets
Leg Extensions
Leg Press
2x Supersets
2. Squats x 2 Sets
3. Leg Curls 2x Sets
4. Calves 3 or 4 Sets
Each set should be maximum weight and very strict movement. This workout was designed for me by the great bodybuilder Mike “Heavy Duty” Mentzer. One of the all time great